Arpeggio Chords

Arpeggio is a term in music that means we play tunes on a particular chord in turn. As one example ... You play the arpeggios of the chords CM7 means you will play tunes from this CM7 chord alternately (one by one) in this case means you will sound tones (C - E - G - B). To train it on your guitar I highly recommend you train in several positions. The first position on the fret 3, then the second position on the fret 7 (starting from the tone E) .. then the third position on the fret 10 (starting from the tone G), and you are able to train at fret 2 (starting from the tone B). This is just an example of a simple means to start training in key positions. Once you memorize so please train in different positions to produce different nuances of each position. Why is that ...? Because if you play arpeggios on the position of the fret CM7 3 (string 5) in position 8 (string 6) the thickness of his voice will be different.
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Bending you ever heard the term ...? Perhaps for those of you who are familiar with instrument guitar with my good race you must have heard this term. Today I will discuss a little about the bending ... I will only give an idea of ​​how to train this technique correctly. Sebanarnya bending is done with several reasons: the need to aimlessly sound and feel different but sounding the same. How to train it is the first time first ring tone to generate (eg tone E), then you will do the bending in the tone of what ...? If you start bending at the fret position with the tone of D means that you have to bend up 1. This means that before you do your bending must be familiar with the sound of ringing E. You can do the bending rose 1 / 2 or up 1.
Posted by Suradipa Bisnis

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