Posted by : Suradipa Bisnis 2011/03/11

Know the chord is one of the most important things in improvisation. Why is that .... ? Because if you are familiar chord with both I am sure you will be easier to compose your tone improvisation. My advice ... try practicing on the main chord progression that I think is divided into 3 types. The first is Major 7 - Minor 7th and Dominant 7. And for the first step try IIm7 chord progressions - V7 - IM7. Why is this important ...? Most of the standard composition composed songs with chord progressions like this format. Do not be tempted to use the scale ... use tones that become elements of the first chord to familiarize yourself familiar with the nuances of each chord. For example if you play the C Major scales chord progressions that you need to train are: Dm7 - G7 - CM7.

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